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Accessibility Options

Having open spaces, varied heights of counter tops, wider hallways, and easier access to showers and toilets are just a few accessibility options that we can add to your home. Incorporating these design features will help make your home more safe and livable to you or family member that requires such assistance.


See some examples of our accessibility options below or in our Accessibility Options Gallery.


Video Tour of a home with various accessibility options



Here is a list of some of the numerous accessibility options we can add to your home:

  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Curb-free or zero-entry shower
  • Tiled shower seat to provide resting areas
  • An adjustable slide-bar showerhead or multiple heights showerhead
  • Higher, elongated toilet with ample clear space on one side
  • Decorative grab bars around shower and toilet areas
  • Knee space under vanity and or sinks
  • Variable height work surfaces
  • Front mounted controls on appliances for easy access
  • Long handled faucet installed at side or back of sink
  • Cabinets with drawer slides on shelves to enable easier reach
  • Under cabinet lighting to add more light to countertop and cooking areas
  • Side by side refrigerator
  • Adjustable height cabinets and sinks
  • Reachable storage
  • Wider hallways

We can work with you to add in additional special features that suit your needs if applicable.